Marilyn’s Art

Hello, Here is a gallery of photos of some of my mom's remaining artwork. I need to stop paying storage costs that will never end, and her art wants to be seen, not sitting in darkness.  It's yours for the taking. Let me know which one(s) you want, and let's make arrangements to get it to you this summer. I apologize for the informal presentation. I shot these in a hallway and sometimes the flash reflected off the painting. First come, first served. These are priced to move. Heck, we're giving them away! Contact me with any !!!s or ???s. park1_mbeffort Marilyn was fascinated by nature and how it can surround us so lushly, and sometimes we don't notice. Note the man on the bench center left. Roughly 5' tall x 4' wide. the garden_mbeffort Another study of humans' relationship with nature looming around us. I call this Garden, because of the Eve figure, lower right. Roughly 5' tall x 4' wide. palms1_mbeffort While living in Florida for a few months, Marilyn fell in love with palm trees. But that's definitely Angel Island in the background. I don't know if this scene actually exits, somewhere in the Marina District? Roughly 4' tall x 5' wide. palms2_mbeffort Another from the palm series. Roughly 4' tall x 5' wide. birds_mbeffort Birds. Roughly 5' tall x 4' wide. She also liked birds. Roughly 4' tall x 5' wide. serpent_rose_unknown Marilyn also collected art from artist friends. This is an artist proof etching, but I can't remember the name of the artist. Framed, roughly 30" tall and 24" wide. It could be famous and valuable, you never know. Park3_mbeffort Another from her park series. My mom like to thin of the memories places have of the people who were there. When you look at it live, you'll see a bunch of small, faded figures doing things. snowwalkers_Mbeffort I call this Snow Walkers, because that's what they're doing. Is that Sasquatch joining in on the right? Roughly 3' tall by 4' wide. arabian_ants_mbeffort I call this Arabian Ants. Another etching from a friend of hers. It could be famous and valuable. Super cool, if it doesn't creep you out. Small, 8"x 10". Needs a frame. park2_mbeffort Another in the park series. Notice the school girl. My mom was intrigued by lush plants and their shadows, as you can see the recurring theme. I think this is only 3' tall and 2 wide, but I'm not certain.

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