Black Rock Camping

Camping in the Black Rock Desert During the end of school campout, we will be camping on the Black Rock Desert playa, about 15-17 miles north of Gerlach, NV. Blessed with fair conditions, well-prepared with food, water and shelter, and working together to ensure comfort and fun for everyone, it’s an easy, fun and inspiring landscape to enjoy (though it will be dusty!). To maximize comfort and fun, and minimize discomfort and risk, here are a few things to consider: This is a Leave No Trace camping event. Bring all the food, water, and shelter you will need…and pack it out, too! There will be no running water, bathrooms or other services (Brian will provide a primitive toilet). Of course, it’s only a few miles back to town, and there will be experienced people around, the best route is proper planning. Sun is a factor. Bring sunhats, glasses, sunscreen, and shade. Brian will have shade to share, but more = better. Camp Location We will be camped at Cassidy Mine, 4 miles north of the 12-mile entrance to the playa, along the west shore of the playa Playa camp map Directions. From Reno, drive east on I-80. Exit #43 to Wadsworth, Nixon, Pyramid Lake and Gerlach. Drive east for a mile or so, then left/north onto Hwy. 477. Drive 15 miles north to Nixon. Then continue north another 80 miles or so to Gerlach. Gas up in Gerlach (first gas station on right is the only gas station). Then continue west through town. Once out of town, take the right/north fork onto Hwy 34, and follow it 12 miles along the west shore of the playa to the 12-mile entrance to the playa. NOTE: there are two 12-mile entrances. Once you see the sign for 12-mile, drive another 300 yards, where you will see another sign. Enter here, set your odometer to 0, and follow the left/north route, which follows the west/left shore of the playa, for 4 miles. Look for cars to the left/west camped along the edge. That should be us. At night, Brian will set out a flashy beacon for late arrivals. Communications Cell service is spotty but decent where we’ll be camping. Farther north, cell service disappears. The nearest medical facilities are in Reno. Wildlife This is a wild landscape. Although they are very uncommon, there are rattlesnakes and scorpions out there. Meals You are on your own for Friday night dinner and breakfasts. A popular tradition is dinner at Bruno’s restaurant in Gerlach (yummy ravioli). Please bring something to share for Saturday potluck. Please bring your own: Plate/bowl, Cup/water bottle, Utensils, Camp chairs Weather is changeable. Snow is possible, as is oppressive heat. Wind is common. Prepare for all weather with the following: Clothing Sturdy shoes/Hiking boots Camp shoes Underwear Base layers: synthetic long underwear (top and bottom) Middle layers: fleece, sweater Shell layers: jacket, pants T-shirts Long pants Shorts are optional (long pants are recommended for hiking) Hat(s): beanie/warm hat, wide-brimmed sun hat Gloves Socks (one pair per day plus an extra) Bandanna Goggles and bandanna are great, just in case it gets super windy and dusty. Toiletries In addition to all other toiletries…. *Please use non-perfumed toilet paper and biodegradeable soaps (e.g., Dr. Bronner’s or CampSuds). Shelter Ground cloth Tent, complete with poles and stakes Sleeping bags (rated to freezing) Pillow Sleeping pad(s) Other Essentials Bikes for riding around. Lights on them are fun and safe when night comes. Water bottles Camp chair Headlamp/flashlight, plus extra batteries Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat) Emergency whistle Plastic bags (small, medium, large) Insect protection repellent, though bugs are minimal. Daypack or fanny pack Other stuff you might enjoy Compass or GPS Books Stuffed animals/favorite friends Games and music for the drive Binoculars Bocce Kites Baseball Frisbee, etc. To RSVP or find out more, contact: • Brian Beffort, or 848-7783 • Peggy Zoeters, or 323-4215 • Barbara Middleton, or 852-1619

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