When I was 13, I "borrowed" my dad's camera and never gave it back. I've been entranced and inspired by the camera's ability to represent and interpret our world ever since, by the beauty of pattern, form, light and color. Here's some of my work:

Recent work

massacre stars 0215_150

Wild Nevada

During my nearly 13 years working with Friends of Nevada Wilderness, I had the opportunity to discover hundreds of beautiful scenes. Here are some of my favorites:


On February 14, 1990, I landed in Johannesburg, two days after Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and two hours before his welcome home rally at the soccer stadium in Soweto. In all, I spent 18 months in southern Africa, a year of which working for the Weekly Mail newspaper (now the Weekly Mail & Guardian). During this time, I was captivated by the energy and beauty of Africa and its people and spent a lot of time taking street portraits of some of the Africans I met. Here are some samples:

And here is my Instagram feed, on-the-go photos from (mostly) my phone:

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