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bbmug0413_1 As a long-time a writer, photographer and conservationist, I am dedicated to engaging people about issues and causes that matter with people who care; reaching people where they are and inspiring them to act. Living in Reno, Nevada, I focus on natural resource management in the American West. Having traveled extensively around the world, I know we live on an amazing, beautiful planet; that caring, inspiring people live everywhere; and that solutions already exist to most of the challenges we face. Success lies in working together to address the issues that matter most, and providing people with solutions they can enact in their own lives. In my capacities with nonprofit organizations since 2001, I have worked with diverse communities and stakeholders from all walks of life, from volunteers and donors, to land-management agencies and elected leaders at all levels, building working relationships and common ground in pursuit of win-win solutions. During that time, I have become proficient at all aspects of nonprofit management and communications that work: strategic planning; program development and implementation; budget development and management; fundraising (including grassroots campaigns, major donors, grant writing and management, corporate fundraising and endowments); partner and agency coordination; staff and volunteer recruitment, management and leadership; campaign design and implementation, and communications and public outreach via print, public speaking, and various digital media. I am certain our best days lie ahead, and I am working diligently to make it so.

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